Online Strategy

NOTE ON SOURCES: StrategyPage makes use of a wide variety of news and information sources. Even in this age of the internet wire services remain the frontline of reporting. Reuters, AP, and UPI are key sources for breaking news. Agence France Press (AFP) does a particularly fine job covering Africa (and given France's deep involvement in west and central Africa, that focus should follow). StrategyPage also draws on several web-based sources. For example, the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR)does a bang up job on the Balkans. Radio Free Europe's (RFE) various web updates (which cover stories RFE broadcasts) do the same for eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The Economist definitely leads the news magazines on quality of international coverage. StrategyPage mines the "defense and military" press, Janes, Army, Parameters, Armed Forces Journal - that list goes on to include several nation-specific publications from non-NATO states. When it comes to air and missile tech, Aviation Week is still Aviation Leak. The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Sunday London Times, and other major international newspapers occasionally provide good leads on military issues. The Washington Times military reporting is very useful, as is the Stars and Stripes. The Miami Herald's beat is the Caribbean and South America. The South China Morning Post is a window on China. The "information net" can draw even finer. For example, The San Antonio-Express News is a regional U.S. newspaper particularly valuable for coverage of Mexico and Central America. The proliferation of websites -from terrorist groups to NGOs to news networks- offers the analyst a wealth of information. Even when the info is contradictory it can still be a useful guide to evaluating aims and strategies of participants in conflicts. Finally, there's "our gang." Over the years we have assembled an interesting cadre of friends and acquaintances. A number of them have military or foreign service experience. Many of these people started out as wargamers- an excellent background for getting a handle on a developing crisis. These sources are quick with advice and quick with critique. They've also proven to be reliable. When they miss, they don't miss by much. And with the proliferation of internet access and cell phones, we often get reports from our gang while the bullets are still flying.

Strategy Page provides quick, easy access to what is going on in military affairs. We cover armed forces world wide, as well as up to date reporting on wars and hotspots wherever they may be. All the news you need, written so that it fits into the time you have for it. The information is organized logically, with categories for different weapons systems (armor, artillery, naval aviation, etc.). We also cover the software of war, often ignored items like leadership, peacetime operations, intelligence, information warfare and the like. And we keep the information online, with archives going back to the early 1980s. A search capability gives you quick access to whatever you need. We put it all in context with military history, maps, country background and useful links.