Custom Content Management Solutions

In today's competitive online marketplace, it is incredibly important for any business to keep their website content fresh and updated. Content management system can be defined as a web-based application that allows website owners/administrators to update their site content easily with web forms in a rich text environment. An ideal CMS application should demand very little or no HTML programming skill from its users, it should be easy to learn, and easy to operate.

Content management systems allow complete instant control over your online information; they work within your website giving access to all updateable areas.
Site features may be altered from within any Internet browser, meaning updates may be completed from any PC with an internet connection anywhere, with no extra costs for software.


The Custom CMS developed by Allywebs are cost effective and user friendly with an easy learning curve. They come with

  • Integrated Content editing tools for adding, modifying, and removing content, menus, and sub-menus

  • Support for maintaining exclusive document and media library

  • Options for restricting/allowing content to registered site visitors only along with multi-user authoring/editing

  • Features for maintaining workflow and content approval between authors and editors

  • Single-sourcing option that enables the editor to use the same content in other applications.

  • Easy file and image manager that makes image uploading and incorporating easy and quick

  • Version Control features to avoid clashing changes

With our customized content management applications, we provide you with a solution, that you have been looking for to keep your web site fresh, innovated, and up-to-date.


The features and benefits of a content management system (CMS)

Content management is effectively complete control over text, images and graphics within your website, but there are many other features available such as the ability to implement flash animations and rich media content.

What is content?

In the context of Content management system (CMS), content is what you put into the system, this might include documents, images, audio / video, flash animation, graphs, spreadsheets and presentations.

Why Allywebs for CMS Solutions

We at Allywebs focus on developing Customized CMS for our clients that will meet the client’s specific online business objectives. We come up with custom CMS after carefully analyzing the demand of the website. We provide a broad range of CMS applications that blend perfectly with your software systems or any other existing third party solutions.

Depending on the end users’ requirement we can develop custom content management system solutions for small businesses for carrying out basic content management involving updating content, image, and incorporating other elements. Our custom CMS can be applied for the entire website or just for one section or page.

Allywebs can also provide implementation services for customizable content management system with the ability to manage enterprise-level website. These systems can be used to integrate Multi-lingual support, Region-specific modifications, Dynamic Form Creation, Hierarchal Access Rights, and Workflow Management.